Welcome to my author’s website. I have just completed my third book in The Fairy Hollow Chronicles series called The Fairy Hollow Gold Treasure Adventure. Here we are on another adventure involving gold treasure, pirates and a lost baby unicorn again! Will Rascal Alan find the treasure? Can Maybelline help? What about Bootlace Bill, and his mates? Do they hold the key to finding the gold treasure and helping the fairy folk of Fairy Hollow? No adventure is complete without our four fairies, Mayor Dayle, Madame Starturtle and, of course, Foxglove Squirrel!

In the first book, The Fairy Hollow Chronicles, we met four tiny fairies who live in Fairy Hollow and are to attend their Coming of Age ceremony the next day. However, there is a problem with their Fairy Quest as the letters are broken! Where is Rosie, the baby unicorn? Learn about their adventure as they show all of us that we can set goals and happily meet challenges in our lives.

In the second book, Foxglove Squirrel Saves The Day!, we meet up with Foxglove Squirrel, the star reporter for The Fairy Hollow Chronicle, as she helps her good friend Buttercup Hedgehog deal with an eviction notice. Is Buttercup really going to lose her home? Is Rascal Alan, her landlord, involved? Mayor Dayle, Madame Starturtle, and the four fairies Christy, Megan, Katie and Lizzie are back again to help in every way they can. They show us what friends are really for as Foxglove saves the day for her friend Buttercup.

The idea for the series came from my daughter when she was small. She loved fairy stories. I decided to write a book series which would incorporate challenges, goal-setting, positive thinking and a happy ending! These are children’s early reader books, but adults reading to children will enjoy the books too. My website will be showcasing my writer’s blog called A Writer’s View and offer my books for sale. The categories will include children’s early reader, adult mystery and memoir. If you love reading, you will enjoy these books!

Front cover of The Fairy Hollow Chronicles

From inside the book – Chapter 1 The Fairy Quest

What a darling story… I can’t wait to see it with the illustrations.
I hope you are very proud of this wonderful little book!
It has been a pleasure working with you and this charming tale.
Sylvia Taylor, Editor, Sylvia Taylor Communications

“This book is awesome!” Emma, Age 9

“I love the fairies and finding out what happens next.” Andrew, Age 10

“I would like to fly like a fairy too and get my wings!” Christopher, Age 8