Olive’s Obsession


It was the dreariest of days as if it couldn’t get any drearier in London. Water droplets stained the window pane in front of Olive’s desk. An unusual hum was coming from down the hallway. Olive tapped rhythmically on her desk and mulled over the typewriter.

“What was I supposed to clarify with Mr. Jarre?” she pondered. “He asked about volunteers but I can’t remember why?” Her notepad was full of shorthand but no mention of the name of the group which needed the volunteers.

“This war will have all of us on the front lines,” she thought. “I’ve already worked with the Red Cross, and then there are the WRENS.

Oh how careless of me!”

As she tugged on her chair cushion, she noticed a piece of paper protruding as if to say “Here I am”.

It was her shorthand with the name of the group! The Beaver Club? No, that was crossed out and the Maple Leaf Club was in it’s place.

Olive didn’t know much about beavers but she vaguely remembered that they were in Canada. The maple leaf was a national symbol. Mr. Jarre had told her that fact.

Canada had provided Canadian soldiers to help the British with the war effort. In the newspaper The Times of London, she remembered an article.

Apparently, Canada was the oldest dominion in the British Empire. The population was only 11 – 12 million so only 10% of the Canadian population joined the army with a small portion being conscripted. Even though the war was ongoing, Canada had suffered neglect from the Great Depression so it’s armed forces were small, poorly equipped, and mostly unprepared for war in 1939. While enlisted Canadians served in the armed forces, thousands also served in the Royal Air Force. Canada jumped into action 6 days after the war was declared and sent the HMCS St. Laurent with a Convoy followed by the HMCS Saguenay. On June 13, 1940, the Canadian battalion arrived only to find the British and allies cut off from Dunkirk. This caused the battalion to return to Britain.

She needed to find out more information. Mr. Jarre’s office door was closed which signalled either he was in a meeting or not in the office.

She sighed. If only she hadn’t received that letter.


From inside the book – Chapter 1 The Fairy Quest

What a darling story… I can’t wait to see it with the illustrations.
I hope you are very proud of this wonderful little book!
It has been a pleasure working with you and this charming tale.
Sylvia Taylor, Editor, Sylvia Taylor Communications

“This book is awesome!” Emma, Age 9

“I love the fairies and finding out what happens next.” Andrew, Age 10

“I would like to fly like a fairy too and get my wings!” Christopher, Age 8