Historic Castle Series: Inverary Castle, Scotland

Inverary Castle
Front Entrance Hallway to Inverary Castle

A Visit to Inverary Castle

Inverary Castle is located in Argyll, Scotland. It is the home of the 13th Duke of Argyll, Sir Torquhil Ian Campbell, his wife Eleanor and their family. The castle has played a major part in Scottish and British history. The displays inside the castle show how the family lived over many generations.

Welcome to Inverary Castle

The Front Entranceway

Hallway with Rifle Display

The most fascinating part of the entrance hallway, besides being so tall, is that there is a circular rifle display on the wall which is stunning.

Inside the Castle

Amazing Room Displays

Imagine living in a castle! Better yet, having to maintain all the furniture and the building itself.

The Dining Room and the China Display were fascinating. The china has been used at the castle over the generations of the Campbell Clan.

China Cabinet
The magnificent Dining Room
Inside the Kitchen

The Castle Gardens

The Castle In May

Visitors can walk around the gardens which are beautiful and well cared for.

Gardens on my visit

Inverary Castle is well worth a visit in Scotland. Further information is at:



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