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Sally de la Rue Browne – Author

Sally de la Rue Browne with Book 2 of The Fairy Hollow Chronicles series for children.

Sally has written articles and blogs in her career as a Public Health Inspector with her business Enviro-Food Consulting. As a trainer and consultant, she has provided food safety and allergy awareness training to the hospitality industry. She was also an international conference speaker on environmental issues. As a mother and literacy advocate, she wants to write books for children and adults where the characters have a positive attitude when faced with life’s challenges. The Fairy Hollow Chronicles is her first book for children which follows the adventure of four fairies who must complete their Fairy Quest in order to get their fairy wings. The second book in the series, Foxglove Squirrel Saves The Day!, is now available as well. Here readers follow the star reporter Foxglove Squirrel as she helps her friend Buttercup Hedgehog save her cottage and show us the importance of friendship! She looks forward to writing more books for children and adults. Check out her blog A Writer’s View.

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