Foxglove Squirrel Saves The Day!


Book 2 The Fairy Hollow Chronicles

Foxglove Squirrel Saves The Day! is the second book in The Fairy Hollow Chronicles series.

The star reporter of The Fairy Hollow Chronicle, Foxglove Squirrel, uses her reporter’s skills to help her friend Buttercup Hedgehog. Is Buttercup going to be evicted? Is Rascal Alan, the landlord, sending the notice to the right address? And what happened to the Mayor’s glasses? For those who like challenges, follow the story to find how Foxglove helps her friend Buttercup and shows us all that friends can always help friends. That’s what friends are for!

Soft cover edition – 6×9 – Full Colour Illustrations – 64 pages
ISBN:  978-1-7774331-1-6 Published by Sally de la Rue Browne
Written by Sally de la Rue Browne, Illustrations by Barbara Warwick
Printed and bound in Victoria, BC by First Choice Books

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Foxglove Squirrel Saves The Day! Book 2


Huge congrats again on your second wonderful book… the cover & illustrations are as clever & charming as the story.

Sylvia Taylor, Editor, Sylvia Taylor Communications

“My favourite is Mayor Dayle. He is so funny for a frog!” Jessica, Age 7

“It’s awesome. I like Rascal Alan the best!” Jonathan, Age 11